At VLR Group Promotions and Staffing, our client's satisfaction and pride in our presentation define us as a company. VLR firmly believes that if we live doing what we love, life will love us back! With the capacity to expand your company's image mindfulness and produce new deal openings, our team will administer trained brand ambassadors to be the face of your company. Leading your brand and administrations down new paths, we are dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience tended to each of our client's needs. Our Brand Ambassadors are capable of demonstrating a product's function, as well as taking inquiries that will influence purchasers or customers to need your product. Along with this, they represent your company on any particular occasion through experiential marketing, showcasing, trade shows, and any event where they may perform presentations or give away product samples. 

 • Our promotional company recognizes all aspects of advertising and works with these towards

growth in new accounts.

 • Interests in sales, arrangements, and deal closings guide

our strategies in seeking chosen prospects.

• VLR Group Promotions and Staffing personalizes our tactics

for each business, all while being able to sustain

an unlimited amount of promotional labor.

 • Our initiative at VLR is to comprehend and coordinate 

all your content to reach your ultimate goal.


Our brand ambassadors are equipped to exemplify the pride in your products through experiential marketing, showcasing, trade-shows, and all other events.



Representation Through:​

 Experiential Marketing


 Private Events

 VLR Group Promotions and Staffing will handle your equipment in between productions! Contact us to learn more about our storage capability.



Equipment Care During and Between Productions

Storage Accessibility

Organizational Management



 Analytics are tailored to our clients' goals in obtaining maximum reach. VLR is dedicated to working through a plan that best fits our clients' goals.

Statistics in Growth of Product

• Gain Insight on Your Business Through Data

Drive for Business Planning



With VLR’s trained Brand Ambassadors you can take the success of your products to new heights. Our team is able to adapt to meet the needs of a continuously changing lifestyle. Contact us to learn about the capabilities of our team. 

Target audience knowledge

Define your brand’s mission

• Form a voice for your brand

Adapting your brand’s positioning

Miami promo models

Join us to begin a new way of business that accommodates to building a genuine connection between our brand ambassadors and your client!


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We are always looking for eager,

energetic and hard working people to join our team. 

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