Promotional modeling agencies

VLR Group Promotions and Staffing helps you find the perfect promotional models for your brand image. Promotional models can draw passersby and promote your brand in any marketing event. VLR Group is one of the leading promotional modeling agencies. Contact us! Let us help promote your brand.

VLR Group models are talented, energetic, engaging, outgoing, friendly, and communicative. They are qualified to interact with potential targeted customers, elevate your brand presence, and transmit your brand's message.

Our staff can help you attract the right kind of attention your brand deserves.


When you need to draw attention to your experiential marketing or corporate event, contact VLR Group, and we will provide you with the best promotional talent to do the job. 

We have worked with many brands in different industries and can represent your brand too. 

We can offer you:

  • Promotional models

  • Host or hostesses for your events

  • Booth babes

  • Auto show models

  • Product specialists

  • Trade show models

  • Spokesmodels

The promotional models can represent your brand in different events:

  • Auto shows

  • Conventions

  • Liquors and nightlife programs

  • Sporting events

  • Tailgate marketing

  • Trade shows

  • Corporate events

  • Ride and drives

  • Lifestyle events

  • Red carpet events

  • VIP events

  • Lead generation events

  • Publicity stunts

  • And more.

Promotional modeling agencies-VLR Group Promotions and Staffing

If you want to draw attention and humanize your brand, then a Promotional Model can help you. 


VLR Group is an experienced Promotion Modeling Agency based in Florida. 


Our agency interviews and carefully selects all the models that work with us. So we can guarantee they represent your brand professionally. We only book you the best talent for your brand.


Our models have increased brand presence from small family-owned businesses to some of the biggest brands in the world.

Our staff learns about each product they represent and can confidently transmit the brand's message to each potential customer they approach. Our talent makes any event a positive and memorable experience.

They leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.

Promotional modeling agencies near me

Our promotional models can attract your audience's attention to your next event. 

The charm, beauty, and extensive knowledge can make your brand differentiate and stand out from the competitors.


Are you looking for promotional modeling agencies near me? VLR Group Promotions has you covered. We can staff show models, brand ambassadors, promo models, and spokesmodels in Florida, United States. 


Promotional models are the best way to represent your brand, engage with your customers, and motivate interest in your products or services. We select professional, personable, and experienced models who understand your product and present them in the best way to the public. Our staff can help inspire interest in your brand and products.


As a local high-end promo model staffing company, we recruit the most talented models that can increase your brand awareness in any event you are activating.

Contact us to hire promotional models near you or if you need more information about our area of service and locations.

Top promotional modeling agencies

VLR is one of the top promotional modeling agencies you can find. Our goal is to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Do you have a specific look in mind to represent your brand? We have an extensive database of models that can fit your brand guidelines. We vet each model we hire and select them according to their experience and personality to ensure they represent your brand and products correctly. 

A promotional model can have multiple tasks at any event. They can greet your audience, host guests, distribute marketing materials, and perform product demonstrations.

Promotions modeling agencies-VLR Group Promotions and Staffing

Best promotional modeling agencies

VLR serves as one of the nation’s best promotional modeling agencies. Our brand ambassadors and models are well-spoken and attractive professionals who can engage with your audience at any event.

Our team can add spirit and energy to your marketing or celebration events. Our models can promote your brand’s image and increase your brand awareness.


Our promo staff has extensive experience representing small and big brands. Thanks to their expertise, we trust they can communicate your brand messages in an engaging and effective way to leave a memorable experience.


At VLR, you can book the top promotional models. We have an extensive database of male and female models. We can significantly boost your experiential and marketing events with our modeling solutions.


We are regarded as one of the best promotions modeling agencies because we have exclusive and professional talent. We select the most friendly, articulate, and enthusiastic professionals. Book your promo models with confidence at VLR.

Promotions modeling agencies near Miami, FL

VLR Group Promotions and Staffing is a full-service agency modeling. We specialize in delivering reliable and professional models to your event. 


If you are looking for promotions modeling agencies near Miami, Fl, we are glad you are here. We are based in Miami, Fl, but if you need promotional staff for your marketing or corporate events in any location near Miami, Fl, we can help you, contact us! Our agency works in all the South Florida area.


Hiring promotional models in Miami with us is easy. Get the Miami talent that engages, attracts attention, and creates long-term customers. Just request a quote on our website or give us a call; our customer service agents will send you a quote according to your needs. For your next event in Miami and surrounding areas, trust in VLR Group Promotions and Staffing. 


Our clients can select from a large variety of Miami models for events such as liquor promotions, special events, marketing events, trade shows, and many more. We can find and book the most qualified, reliable, attractive, sexy, and professional brand ambassadors and runway models in Miami and South Florida.

Liquor promotional model

Our promotional model team has experience exhibiting products such as beer, liquor, and wine in different places such as bars, liquor stores, restaurants, trade shows, corporate events, and other events.

A liquor promotional model can increase your brand awareness and sales. We have an extensive team of Liquor promotional models that specialize in selling all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Their charisma, energy, and product knowledge can attract new consumers to your brand.

Promotional staffing agency

We know every event, no matter how small or big, requires lots of planning to succeed. We can help you in any event you have. You can tell us your vision, and we can help you achieve it.

No matter if you need trade show staff, brand ambassadors, event hosts, or promo models, we have you covered. We are a promotional staffing agency and can place all the team you need for your event. 


Our promotional staff engages, entertains, and makes your audience smile. But most importantly, they promote your products and make your brand memorable. 


If you are looking to hire a promotional staff, VLR Group can help you find well-trained professionals. Hire event staff in Miami, Florida, with VLR Group to increase your brand exposure.


We can help you with all your experiential marketing needs. You can count on us from event staffing to brand ambassadors, promotional models, or trade show staffing.


Experiential marketing has a high return on your investment. Do you have a trade show, special event, marketing event, or convention? Our promo staff drive demand for your brand, products, and services.