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Brand Ambassador Companies

A brand ambassador is the face and voice of your company. Therefore, it is not an easy decision to choose the most appropriate for your business. Hence, it is vital to have a brand ambassador company on your side to help you. 


VLR Group Promotions, one of the top companies with brand ambassador programs in the United States, can help you select the best ambassadors to represent and promote your brand professionally.

Brand ambassadors are “the brand's face” (and voice). Using brand ambassadors is very effective in promoting your business. It is a type of word-of-mouth marketing, but more professional and at a bigger scale. 

Influencers with social media presence and brand ambassadors are crucial for promoting businesses through word-of-mouth marketing on social media platforms or face-to-face interactions. As "the brand's face" and voice, they possess excellent communication skills that influence people’s opinions and purchasing decisions.


Companies can expand their brand awareness by partnering with brand ambassadors and influencers, including micro influencers, or brand spokesperson who have large social media accounts and networks. 


Brand Ambassadors have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills that influence people’s opinions about a brand, a product, or a service and mold their purchasing decisions through an ambassador campaign.


They can promote certain brands using word-of-mouth marketing with their network of connections and relationships online on social media platforms or face-to-face in exclusive events.

Companies expand their brand awareness with the help of existing and new advocates such as micro influencers, influencers, and brand ambassadors. With each day that passes, companies face more competition than ever, and keeping your business present in your consumer mind gets harder.


That’s why many companies are looking for alternatives to conventional ad campaigns, and experiential marketing efforts are getting the attention they deserve.


Contact us if being a successful brand ambassador sounds like something you would love to try. We partner with brands looking for ambassadors in all USA. 


Many businesses want to find exemplary ambassadors and influencer programs to work with. However, they lack the knowledge to make the collaboration process faster and more beneficial for both parties. If you are a brand looking for a great brand ambassador to work with, an agency can help you connect with engaged influencers and ambassadors and get the deals you need done.

Brand ambassador companies - VLR Group Promotions and Staffing

Brand ambassador agencies

As one of the leading brand ambassador agencies in the USA, we specialize in all the activities related to brand promotion and experiential marketing. Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Promotional models.

  • Event and promotional staffing.

  • Trade show models.

  • Campus & Guerrilla Marketing.

  • Demonstrators and Samplers.

  • Emcees, Greeters, and Hostess.

  • Brand Ambassadors and Influencers.

  • Mascots.

  • Product Specialists.

  • Street Teams.

Brand ambassador programs

We have years of industry experience, making us the staffing leader in Miami and the USA. We have an extensive database of talent in the industry.

We can provide staffing locally in Miami and nationally in the US.

The best brand ambassador programs promote companies through word-of-mouth, high-quality strategies, and experiential marketing. These programs are a potent advertising tool. 


If executed correctly, brand ambassador programs can get an excellent ROI for your company.


We have an extensive talent database around the USA, especially in South Florida. We work with experienced and well-trained models that know how to reflect what the brands want to show to potential customers genuinely and enthusiastically.


Many small and huge brands have trusted their brand representation in our hands. Our talented models have been the face and the voice of many companies in Miami and the USA. Our results are testimony that our method works and that you can trust your brand ambassador's needs will be handled in the best way. 


Some of the activities our brand ambassadors can perform for your company are:

  • Product demonstrations.

  • Sample giveaways (Sampling).

  • Brand Awareness.

  • Interactive Displays.

  • Premium distribution activities.

  • Consumer engagement.

  • Affiliate program

  • Lead generation.

  • And more.


Our team has the knowledge and know-how to outline the campaign objectives and goals and execute an effective experiential marketing campaign. Contact us to hire an exemplary brand ambassador for your company.


Our agency connects brand ambassadors and companies to help them achieve their marketing goals.Want to work for VLR Group promotions as a brand ambassador? Contact us; we are always looking for talented people.

Influencer Marketing for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is an essential part of modern promotional activities of companies. You will access an extensive list of companies looking for people like you to represent them.


VLR Group Promotions provides brand ambassadors that can humanize your brand and consolidate relationships with your customers.


Our agency helps companies, brands, and agencies in Miami and the country find the best brand ambassadors. We recruit the most professional and qualified talent. Our staff matches the right professionals, having the skills and profile aligned with the client’s needs; in this way, we guarantee they get exactly who they need to represent their brand. 


A brand ambassador can represent your company, introduce your brand to new audiences, generate buzz around your launches, create brand awareness, build brand loyalty, and humanize and connect with consumers. Overall, a brand ambassador is an ally and an extension of your company.


Currently, most consumers trust more online reviews and recommendations done by a third person (even if they don’t know the person) than the ads done by the company. In general, your potential and existing customers value what brand ambassadors say about your company more than what you say about yourself.


VLR brand ambassadors are engaging, outgoing, professional, and trained to reflect a brand correctly and transmit highly targeted brand messages. Our team of influencers can be the face and the voice of your company but also can be an extension of your brand.


More than working with a company, we partner with them. Hence, it is in our best interest that they know exactly who will represent their brand and have peace of mind that their brand is accurately represented. If the client requests it, we can provide headshots, bios, CVs, and more for all the selected brand ambassadors. 


If you want to work with a professional, experienced, and committed brand ambassador agency, VLR Group Promotions is willing to be your staffing partner and help you with your experiential marketing needs.


Are you interested in learning more about our brand ambassador solutions? Contact us and receive a free quote.


VLR Group Promotions can help you with the experiential marketing your company needs. We can provide from brand ambassadors and promotional models to event staffing and trade show staffing. You can count on our services in Miami and all USA.

We have worked with many brands in different industries and can represent your brand too. 

We can offer you:

  • Promotional models

  • Host or hostesses for your events

  • Booth babes

  • Auto show models

  • Product specialists

  • Trade show models

  • Spokesmodels

The brand ambassadors can represent your brand in different events:

  • Auto shows

  • Conventions

  • Liquors and nightlife programs

  • Sporting events

  • Tailgate marketing

  • Trade shows

  • Corporate events

  • Ride and drives

  • Lifestyle events

  • Red carpet events

  • VIP events

  • Lead generation events

  • Publicity stunts

  • And more.

Brand Ambassador Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

Are you looking for a brand ambassador Miami-Ft Lauderdale? We can help you find South Florida talent to represent your company. Our talented brand ambassadors do their best to help your brand reach new target audiences.

Why select a brand ambassador in Miami through VLR Group Promotions?

  • We screen and select only the most enthusiastic, professional, and experienced local staff. They love what they do, are punctual, and are reliable.

  • We have years of experience in the local scene, we value the cultural diversity in South Florida, and we have a fantastic bilingual team. 

  • We train our staff, so they know about the brand they will represent and the program goals so that they can have a defined script covering the unique selling proposition and characteristics of the product or service they will be promoting.

  • We have constant communication with our clients. Our team constantly works to make sure your needs are covered, and we can make adjustments according to the client's needs.

  • Any place in Miami where you are located, we can cover your event marketing staffing needs. Contact us to check the Miami-Ft Lauderdale brand ambassadors we can provide for your company.


Brand ambassador wanted

Being a brand ambassador allows you to try different products, build a community of fans, earn money, sometimes even get a commission on sales, meet exciting people, try free products, produce creative content, and many more.


Companies always look for passionate brand ambassadors to help them increase brand awareness and spread the word about their products and services.


VLR Group has alliances with top companies hiring for brand ambassador jobs if you want to meet companies looking for brand ambassadors and influencers. We can help you find a new brand ambassador job near you at a company you love.

Brand ambassadors are an effective marketing strategy because their endorsements can increase brand awareness and sales. Therefore, it is essential to choose ambassadors carefully. Many businesses struggle to find exemplary ambassadors and influencers for their brands. Our agency streamlines the collaboration process to make the campaign a success.


If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador, assessing if you meet the qualifications is vital. To succeed in this industry, it is essential to be honest, consistent, and niche-specific.

Then the brand and you should determine if you are a good fit for each other, and finally, you should positively communicate the brand message. 


If you want to become a brand ambassador but don’t know how to find companies looking to cover this position. VLR Group can help you. We have a database of top-rated companies. We can place you with an employer hiring for Brand Ambassador remote positions and local roles near you.


Are you ready to apply for a new brand ambassador role? Contact us to find the job openings near you, the salaries, benefits, and more.

Are you a brand looking for top brand ambassadors? We can help you find local and national talent to boost your brand awareness.

Choose the right Brand Ambassador Company

VLR Group Promotions is a Brand Ambassador Company that delivers top brand ambassadors that create long-lasting and meaningful customer relationships. We help brands, companies, and agencies in Florida and all over the USA find the best brand ambassadors for their brands. 


Our selection process ensures we select only the most charismatic and qualified people. Also, for every client, we understand precisely what they need and then match them with a brand ambassador that has the specific skills the client requires. 


Our Brand Ambassador Company has partnered with many companies to help them with their brand ambassador staffing needs.

Brand Ambassador Instagram

Brand ambassadors have always existed in the marketing world. However, it used to be something only huge brands could access. Now, because of the rise of social media, brand ambassadors have become an option for small and huge brands. 


Using Brand Ambassadors on Instagram is a highly effective marketing strategy. 

Brands look for passionate brand ambassadors that build brand awareness and refer more leads, which then transform into more followers and sales for the company.


Some of the benefits of having brand ambassadors on Instagram and other social media are:


  • Brand Ambassadors on Instagram can humanize the brand by publishing creative content about your products and services and giving valuable reviews to their community.

  • Brand ambassadors sell benefits and dreams instead of products only. They persuade customers to choose a brand over others because of the emotions they make the audience feel.

  • As brand ambassadors get to know the customer well, they can provide insightful feedback to your company about what people think about your brand and how to communicate better with them.

  • They can create great images and videos that inspire their followers.

  • They can participate in events, trade shows, and workshops and create content about those events in an innovative, compelling, and authentic way.

  • Furthermore, they stay active on social media and know about the latest trends.


One way to choose the best influencers for your brand is by comparing them based on their Instagram engagement rate, location, number of followers, and how related they are to your niche.


Check us out on Instagram! We love to keep you updated daily on what we are up to. Follow us, see the photos and videos we post, and keep the conversation going.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

1. Do brand ambassadors get paid?


If you're interested in joining a company as a brand ambassador, They get compensated with money and also you could get some company gifts. The amount of money they can make as a brand ambassador varies, so it's essential to understand what kind of deal you're getting before signing up.


Companies will reward brand ambassadors' work, loyalty, and commitment with monetary compensation. Brand ambassadors' money varies depending on their experience level, the company they work for, and their work.


The best way to be hired as a brand ambassador is to choose a staffing agency. The staffing agency usually also covers all the processes from beginning to end.


You could contact VLR Group for further information. 


2. What is the Brand ambassador job description?


Brand ambassadors are people who have excellent verbal and communication skills. They can work within a team environment, handling multiple tasks and completing any others necessary to succeed. 


Brand ambassadors typically have high school diplomas or equivalent experience. They are assigned to represent the company at significant events, trade shows, and business functions. The job description includes cross-functional responsibilities, and you must be able to work within a strict schedule.


Marketing and sales experience are desirable but optional. Also, although it is not mandatory, many companies value it if you have marketing or sales experience, social media experience, and even sometimes, previous modeling experience.


3. How to become a brand ambassador?


Brand ambassador jobs are for someone who loves interacting with people and handling multiple tasks. It would be best if you also liked to learn about new products, but be aware that some brands will require you to attend events at night or on the weekend. Brand ambassadors must be 18 years old or older.


Brand ambassadors are people who act as the face of the brand. They are the ones who wear the products, carry them around and talk to people about them. This job requires a significant amount of social skills and good language skills. If you have all of these skills, consider applying for this job!


4. How to choose a brand ambassador agency?


Here at VLR Group, we've been hiring brand ambassadors for years. We handle all the tasks from beginning to end: recruiting, managing and training. You can focus on marketing your product or participating in an event. Once the deal is completed, you can concentrate on executing the campaign.


If you are a marketing staff member looking for an agency to help you find brand ambassadors, we are the right choice. We have vast experience hiring and managing brand ambassadors and will move through the whole process.


Since our founding, we have handled all the tasks of finding the perfect brand ambassador for our clients. We have a network of experienced personnel who can help you every step of the way. If you have a brand that wants to connect with new fans, we are here to help.

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