Promo Girls

VLR Group Promotions and Staffing will help you find the right promo girls to reflect and promote your brand image.


Promo girls elevate your brand presence in any live marketing or corporative event you are activating. VLR’s models are friendly, outgoing, and excellent communicators. They can interact with potential customers and transmit your brand message.

Below is a list of the services we can offer you. We can provide:

  • Host or hostesses for your events.

  • Booth Babes.

  • Brand ambassadors.

  • Product specialists.

  • Promotional Models.

  • Auto Show Models.

  • Spokesmodels.

  • Trade Show Models.

We have represented many brands in different events:

  • Auto shows, rides, and drives.

  • Conventions.

  • Nightlife and liquor programs.

  • Trade shows.

  • Charity events.

  • Corporate events.

  • Club events.

  • Tailgate marketing.

  • Red carpet and VIP events

  • Publicity stunts

  • Sporting events

  • Lead generation

Many companies and marketers have chosen us as their promo girls agency. Contact us! We can make people talk about your brand.

Florida Promo Girls

Florida promo girls for hire-VLR Group Promotions

Hire Florida Promo Girls, Promo models, brand ambassadors, boat show models, trade show models, liquor promotions, and event staff.


We are based in Miami. Florida. VLR offers services tailored to the needs of your event and company. Each promotional program is unique to each client. We make sure we meet and exceed all your company marketing needs, making your events exciting, fun, and memorable.


Why hire VLR Group Promotions and Staffing?

  • We have an extensive talent database. Our models are vetted field.

  • We provide staffing in Miami and South Florida.

  • We are experts in experiential marketing.

  • We have years of experience in the industry.


Promote your event with us! Our Florida promo girls are professional, talented, and enthusiastic models. For more information about how VLR can help you, contact us by phone or email, and our staff will be delighted to help you.

Alcohol Promo Girls

VLR has a team of alcohol promo girls with vast experience in the sector. Our team is experienced at mass sampling beer, wine, tequila, energy drinks, and other liquor products. 


The promo models hand out samples to potential customers, raise awareness about the products, and educate them about the properties of the liquor products. 


Alcohol promo girls can deliver this experiential alcohol sampling in restaurants, special events, conventions, trade shows, liquor stores, nightclubs, and bars. They can also work in bigger venues such as festivals, sporting events, music events, food truck events, and concerts.


Alcohol promotions allow you to target the right potential customer, getting them to know your brand, win new customers, and create loyalty with the existing ones. 


Our team of energetic, fun, and enthusiastic models can attract attention and drive sales for your products. You can count on VLR Group to provide you with staff for alcohol promotions. We have worked with small local businesses and large well-known brands; we can work with you too!

Why should you hire Promo Girls?

Why should you hire promo girls?


Promo girls can drive consumer demand for your products and services. Brands need a specific type of person in mind to help them promote their products in the best way. 

Our models are great brand ambassadors that can represent your brand and interact with your potential customers. 


We create experiences! No matter what event you have, all people remember is their experience. If they experiment a memorable time at your event, your company will be top of mind. Promo models can help you reflect your brand personality, get people talking about your brand, make sure you get out the best of any event and create lasting memories your brand needs.


Promo girls draw attention to the brands they are representing. Depending on the product you want to promote, the model can raise awareness in different forms. For example, they give free samples in a retail store, are part of a street team talking on busy streets, or deliver promotional material at a conference or trade show.

Hot promo girls needed-VLR Group Promotions

Promo girls for Hire

We specialize in supplying models for the promotions and events sector. We have professionals with event experience. We brief and train all the models in advance of their activity. 


We ensure our promo girls can answer questions about the product they are promoting. They can talk through the marketing material you supply and help you drive consumer demand.


We have many years of experience as a promo girl staffing agency. We are always available no matter the day or hour you need us to provide you with staff. You tell us your requirements with prior notice, and we arrange all the team you need. We monitor staff attendance, arrival, and departure time to ensure maximum performance and high-quality service.


We have experience supplying promo staff for brands, events, and promotions. 


Select the suitable promo model. We have the right candidates for your brand and products.

We provide promo girls to represent your brand in sporting events, promotional events, shopping centers product promotions, exhibitions, trade shows, or liquor promotions. 


You can request models with a particular look linked to the aesthetic or theme of the brand, campaign, or event you are promoting. We have an extensive database of promotional models with different heights, hair colors, gender, or any attribute that suits your brand image.

Promo Girls Needed

Do you want to work for one of the top promotional modeling agencies in Miami, Florida?

Join our Promo girls in Miami and South Florida.

We hire staff with experience in promotions and events. We value professional, reliable, and communicative models.

We want to meet our customers' needs. The companies we work for expect to have the best staff promoting their brand. If you have the looks and personality to be a promo girl, we would love to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What promo girl means?

Promo girls are models hired by companies to promote a brand, product, service, or concept at an event, public place, or private space. Promo girls interact with potential customers using experiential marketing techniques.

How much do promo girls make?

Promo girls make an average salary of $26 per hour in the United States. The estimated annual pay for a promo model is between $36,000 and $120,000.

What does a beer girl do?

“Beer girls” are promo models hired by companies to attract potential customers, interact with them, and provide information about promotional products at events and other spaces where the target audience is located.

What is a push girl job?

A “Push girl” is a promotional model that represents a brand, provides samples, answers questions about a product or service, and induces purchases. Push girls are a kind of brand ambassadors at the point of sale.