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Brand Ambassador Fort Lauderdale

A brand ambassador is the face (and voice) of a brand. A Brand Ambassador Ft Lauderdale conveys credibility and humanizes your company. People trust your brand more if a reputable person is associated with it.


Finding the right brand ambassador in niche locations like Fort Lauderdale is hard. The best option is to work with a staffing agency to help you find an exemplary ambassador. 


This guide will first cover why you need a brand ambassador, and then we will see how you can find the best one.

Brand ambassador fort lauderdale

Brand Ambassador Ft Lauderdale

Are you looking for the best brand ambassadors Ft Lauderdale? We offer you the best local talent in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale. Our brand ambassadors can make your brand shine and grow.


Our agency focus on hiring only the most enthusiastic, experienced, reliable, and professional Brand ambassador Ft Lauderdale staff. VLR brand representatives love what they do and know how to get the most out of any event.


We train our ambassadors to ensure they know about your company, what your brand represents, the job objective, and what the client expects. Before each event, we provide material to the staff to understand your products and services, your unique selling propositions, and the speaking points they will cover in the event.


In the promotions and events industry, details matter; that’s we have a combination of planning and dynamism. We excel at planning, that’s why we ensure everything is arranged correctly from the beginning to end, but also we are flexible and can make adjustments according to the client's needs.

Any type of marketing staff you require for your activation programs, we’ve got you covered. We have an extensive database of local talent to cover different positions:

  • Lead generators

  • Greeters

  • Onsite Managers

  • Event Staff

  • Hosts and Hostess

  • Product demonstrators

  • Beverage and food samplers

  • Bilingual promo models

  • Bilingual brand ambassadors

  • Street team

  • Experiential marketing staff

  • Field marketing staff

  • Spokesmodels

  • Promotional models

  • Costumed characters

  • And more….


If you want help with your Miami-Ft-Lauderdale Brand Ambassador team, contact us! Our expert consultants can help you find the best talent in the area.

Why do you need to have a brand ambassador?

Humanize your Brand

The first reason why you need a brand ambassador is to humanize your brand. A brand ambassador is a person that represents the brand. Especially when you promote your brand in a place such as Fort Lauderdale, where many events are organized daily, it’s vital to have a person to do live marketing.

As there are already numerous events, many companies will advertise at events. Therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd. A faceless brand is easier to forget, but people will remember the brand ambassadors.

Credibility and Trust

It increases trust and encourages people to buy more from you. It improves word-of-mouth marketing. Trust is the first thing you need to grow your business, and a brand ambassador will help you do it in a specific location where people can relate.

Catchy Ads

As you might know, Ft Lauderdale is a state of beaches, and there are many places where people go for leisure and fun. You can have some of the most creative and localized marketing with a brand ambassador. Nobody wants to remember ads when they vacation, but they remember people.

If you have a brand ambassador, you create a trigger in your customer’s minds. Whenever they see a photo or video of that person, they will automatically think of your brand and experience.


Influence of Brand Ambassador is Higher

Compared with a faceless ad campaign, a campaign with a human face always has a better conversion rate. 


Selecting an exemplary ambassador is extremely important. In Fort Lauderdale, you need an ambassador that already has a following in the location. Preferably, you should hire a person who knows your audience and has the following in the category. This will increase your leads.


For instance, if you want to promote a makeup product, you can get a brand ambassador with many female followers who are into cosmetics and beauty.

Brand ambassadors fort lauderdale-VLR Group Promotions

How to find the Perfect Brand ambassador in Fort Lauderdale?

You need to know where you can find the perfect person for a promotion, the negotiation skill level of the person or agent, industry rate, etc.; once you do all these things, you have just got a brand ambassador for your brand. But additionally, you still need to run a campaign and promote your brand. The work is exceptionally specialized, and you are better off hiring experts in the industry.

Get a Staffing Agency

The best way to find a brand ambassador in Fort Lauderdale is by hiring a staffing agency. The staffing agency usually also covers all the processes from beginning to end.


If you are in FT Lauderdale, you should work with VLR Group. We are a promotional staffing agency that handles experiential marketing, and we will find the perfect brand ambassador for your brand.

Once the deal is done, you can move to market and start to execute the campaign. You can focus your maximum efforts on your products and leave the staffing tasks to VLR Group. 


We have vast experience hiring brand ambassadors, and we are the go-to choice for large brands such as Corona Beer, Jim Beam, and many others. 


The good thing is that we work in Fort Lauderdale, the area where you are looking for the service. Therefore, we already have a potential brand ambassador in mind that will work perfectly for you.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and see what we can do.

Fort Lauderdale brand ambassador jobs Duties

If you are looking for a brand ambassador jobs in fort Lauderdale fl, there are plenty of jobs you can apply for.  A brand ambassador's primary duties include greeting customers, driving sales during client interactions, answering basic customer inquiries, capturing client data to build relationships, and learning about the company, product, and service you represent.

In VLR Group we work alongside the most important brands of each sector, this means a great opportunity for the ambassadors who work with us. 

Brand ambassador jobs Fort Lauderdale Requirements

Most brand ambassador jobs Fort Lauderdale value the following skills: customer service experience, verbal and communication skills, and the ability to learn and memorize details about the brand, products and services, and the communication program. 

Also, although it is not mandatory, many companies value it if you have marketing or sales experience, social media experience, and even sometimes, previous modeling experience.

Some personal skills that make candidates stand out from the crowd are client-focused, organized and reliable, self-sufficient, team player, and positive. It is not an entry level job.

Brand Ambassador Jobs Miami: Do you have what it takes?

If you are considering applying for brand ambassador jobs in Miami but don't know, you have what it takes to play this role. We will leave some questions you ask yourself to determine if you are a good fit for this career.

  1. Do you love interacting with people?

  2. Can you handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment?

  3. Do you have time flexibility? (events sometimes run on evenings, weekends, and holidays)

  4. Are you older than 18 years old?

  5. Do you like to learn about new products?

If you replied yes to most of these questions, you have what it takes to apply for a brand ambassador job. 

Frequently asked questions FAQ

1. What qualifications do you need to be a brand ambassador?


Starting with a high school diploma or equivalent, you’ll also need to possess good communication skills and work well in a team environment. It’s also helpful if you have experience managing public relationships or promoting brands through conversations. Apply with us to find a brand ambassador job in fort lauderdale fl. 


2. What skills do you need to be a brand ambassador?


Brand ambassadors should be people who have excellent verbal and communication skills. They can display the overall brand image, communicate the message and inspire others, have the ability to work within a team environment, and handle multiple tasks at once.


Brand ambassadors should be able to identify the overall brand image, communicate the message and inspire others.


3. What are the responsibilities of a brand ambassador?


As a brand ambassador, you must be able to absorb information quickly and be able to relay that information effectively and concisely through social interaction. Besides, you need to be able to read your audience well and adjust your messaging accordingly, as well as understand how to best engage with your audience in person, such as at events, car shows, etc.


4. What does a brand ambassador do?


Brand Ambassadors unify the brand message and business strategy by engaging people with a message about a brand through marketing in-person at events. They are photojournalists and influencers who represent the brand.

Brand ambassadors are essential and valuable assets for a brand’s success. They become brand advocates who live, breathe and share the values associated with that brand. Brands leverage these ambassadors to market their products authentically to real-life customers. Their value transcends by being an extension of the organization they represent while designing a successful brand experience that makes consumers feel confident about buying and using their product/service.

4. Brand ambassador salary?


As a Brand Ambassador you c could make an average salary of $26 per hour in the United States. The estimated annual pay for a brand ambassador is between $36,000 and $120,000. It depends on different factors, such as the time of day the event takes place, the location of the event, as well as the client we are working with. 

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