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VLR Blog

Find the latest news, tips, and articles about the promotional modeling industry directly from VLR Group Promotions and Staffing on our blog. We are constantly updating our blogs and providing you with more information about our company, and topics that interest you.

VLR is based in Miami, Florida and is one of the top promo models and brand ambassador companies in South Florida. We help you find the perfect model staff for your brand image. They can draw passersby and promote your brand in any marketing event. We have many years of experience as a promo girl staffing agency. We are always available no matter the day or hour you need us to provide you with staff. You tell us your requirements with prior notice, and we arrange all the team you need. We monitor staff attendance, arrival, and departure time to ensure maximum performance and high-quality service. In these blogs you will be able to find more information about the work we do, in order to always provide the best service. 

Our team makes your products, services, and brand shine at every event, improving your reputation, and building brand awareness through memorable events.

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