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Promo Girls to Increase Brand Awareness

Updated: Apr 25

Promo girls are a great form of brand advertising. In this blog, we will explain why you should be hiring promo girls to increase your brand awareness.

Miami promo models

Educating the Customer

Our main goal is not just to showcase your brand but to generate more leads. How is this possible? Well, the best way to generate more leads is by educating customers. Promotional models do not only showcase your brand but also deliver a message for the company. This message will inform the customer why you are the best option in your industry. When the audience sees or hears from you at least seven times, they are more likely to buy from you; this is known as the “seven times rule.”

Remember, it’s not just about showing your tagline and your product, your brand is a lot more than that. When it comes to educating your audience, your potential customers might have questions, and promo girls are the best way to resolve them during live events.

Promo Girls are Easy to Approach

Now, it is hard for some people to approach other people at a promotional event; however, the job of the promo girls is to interact with potential customers, make them familiar with the brand, and make them feel comfortable asking questions. Show models can draw attention and generate leads by interacting with potential customers and getting their contact details and follow-up. For example, a place to show your brand could be an auto show, because it is very crowded with many people.

Marketing with Humans

Do you know why people have brand ambassadors? That’s because they want to humanize their brand. You can do the same with promo girls. When you market with the help of promo girls, you are also associating a human face with the brand. A face is critical when it comes to marketing.

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Live Advertising

Let’s say you are in Miami and want to showcase your brand with products service. There will be fewer people who are willing to see a video at an event instead of interacting. It’s essential to get promo models in trade shows that reflect your brand, and that your audience can feel identified with. For that, you will need to find the right staffing company, and a modeling agency as VLR has the best promo girls in all of Florida. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can help you with live promotion.

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